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move+resize windows easily and efficiently using multi-touch gestures.
Version 1.2.4 - Mac OS X 10.8 or later.
Download a free unregistered copy with limited functionality (touch zones, pinches and modifers are not available). To get a fully functional version, click "BUY NOW" and you will be directed to a secure web page to purchase a license.
move+resize helps you fit multiple windows to your desktop nicely and effortlessly. It is a highly customizable window management tool, which enables you to input desired percentage of screen sizes and also exact pixels!

When you want to reposition a window, swipes, touch zones or pinches are all you need to do. After you save the window size with selected gesture, you can apply this preset to any window. With move+resize, it is never difficult to get your windows to the exact size and position you desire.
Supported Gestures
  • Swipes
  • Touch Zones
  • Pinches
Window Size Customization
Other similar apps only have a limited number of positions and sizes to choose from. move+resize enables users to input desired windows sizes by percent or pixels.
Multiple Monitors
move+resize supports moving windows between monitors. Simply move your cursor to the secondary monitor and perform the trackpad gestures (or modifiers), the corresponding saved preset will be reflected on the secondary monitor.
Undo your last move with cmd-z.
28 Different Presets
move+resize allows users to save up to 28 different window positions and sizes every time.

3 different gesture types using a MacBook Trackpad, Magic Trackpad, or Magic Mouse allows users to personalize up to 10 of their most commonly used window positions and sizes at the same time. move+resize's unique Modifiers: Control, Option, and Command, are available for Swipe and Pinch gestures providing 18 more presets!
Global Keyboard Shortcut
Access move+resize quickly by setting up a global shortcut.
  • Download move+resize.
  • Drag move+resize to the Applications folder.
  • Bring the window you wish to move+resize to the front.
  • Open the move+resize app, either by pressing the app icon in the menu bar or the global shortcut (if set up). A small window should appear in the upper right hand corner of the screen with the icon and name of the window to move+resize.
  • Use the appropriate gesture on the MacBook Trackpad, Magic Trackpad, or Magic Mouse.
  • Open the settings window by clicking the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the move+resize app.
  • Decide which gesture type, Swipe, Touch Zone, or Pinch to modify.
  • Select the gesture.
  • Decide the measurement to use, either pixel or percent, for the window size.
  • Enter the desired, start position, width, and height.
  • Press the Apply button. Or if finished, press the done button.
*Modifiers exist to set up different presets for the same gesture. This function accommodates those users who have need for more window positions and sizes than the standard 10 presets.
  • Open move+resize and open the settings window.
  • Press the Quit button in the bottom right-hand corner of the window.
  • Move the move+resize app to the Trash.